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City very high above the water on the side of the river - this is how Valencia was described in a military report of the seventeenth century - and it is certainly superfluous to specify that the river in question is the Po, with which the city has always had a fundamental bond.

Defensive embankment, commercial route, food sustenance, vacation spot has always been part of the life of the city, improperly influencing even its name. In fact, it is called by many: Valenza Po.

At the center of the triangle Genoa - Turin - Milan, the Valencian territory opens onto three main landscapes: that of the Great River, that of the rice fields and that of the hills, the latter landscape which in the collective imagination distinguishes Monferrato. Valencia is considered the world capital of goldsmithing and the Valencian goldsmith district boasts a history of over two hundred years.

In this section you can scroll through the pages of the City of Valencia – Small guide illustrating the places to visit and the activities that the city offers for a slow stay in the name of art, nature and good food.


Carlo Bossoli, Bridge over the Po near Valenza, lithograph, 1859, Fondo Dabene, Historical Archive, Municipality of Valenza


Piazza XXXI Martiri - 15048 Valenza (AL)
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