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The company was founded in 1946 by Giorgio Visconti, an expert in the production of gold and silverware. His wife, Maria Grazia Alessio (as heiress of the company Alessio e Mortara) devoted herself to the design of the collections which, starting from the 60s, were also successfully sold on the European market. Giorgio Visconti also specialized in the choice of stones, specifically diamonds, becoming one of the most appreciated features of Visconti's creations. In the 80s the company opened up to the United States' and Japanese market, also thanks to the boosting energy of specialized fairs. In the following decades the company specialized in the creation of jewelry with Tahitian pearls, of extraordinary manufacture, so that in 2003 it was awarded the Tahitian Pearl Award, one of the most important international awards. In 1995 Giorgio's son, Andrea, joined the company permanently, focusing on product marketing. Together with his brother Fabrizio, they decided to aim at the Italian market and the enhancement of the Giorgio Visconti brand. The cessation of contract productions directed Andrea and Fabrizio's research to some most refined design, details and gems, paying particular attention to the diversification of the lines according to the markets. Therefore, many collections are produced every year, characterized both by a classic and traditional style and by more whimsical creations destined to the international market. In 2010 Giorgio Visconti SpA received the S. Eligio award.




The Giorgio Visconti fund collects the documentation produced by the company of the same name from the 1960s to the present day. The material has been divided into some typological series. In particular, the following series are preserved:

Technical catalogs (from the '70s, about 300; from 2000, in digital format); Rubber and wax moulds (from the '80s); Prototypes (from the '80s); Drawings and sketches (from the '60s to 2000 in paper format; from 2000 in digital format; some thousands including paper documents and digital files); Photographs (from the '70s); Catalogues and advertising posters (from the '80s to the '90s); Press review (from the '90s to 2016; 10 folders).


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Oro e lavoro ("Gold and work") - Cento anni di oreficeria in Valenza 1840 - 1940, Turin, edited by Maria Grazia Molina and Maria Carla Manenti, pp. 175; 181; 184-185.

Company's institutional site URL:

Giorgio Visconti s.r.l.
Via Camurati, 47 
15048 Valenza (AL) 
+39 0131955988


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