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The Raselli Franco S.p.a. firm founded by Franco Raselli was established in 1969. It developed over the years until it became an international group.

Franco Raselli started his experience as an entrepreneur at the age of 21 years opening a small goldsmith's workshop. In 1976 the company moved to a larger building and then moved to its current location in the goldsmith's craft area of Valenza in 2002. Since the beginning the founder has invested in innovation, product development and research of raw materials.

The classic style that has always distinguished their modeling, a strength for the company, which over the years has been reworked and adapted to the trends of the moment. Particular attention has always been paid to detail and to the high quality of the raw materials used.

The production process comes from the ideas of the study and design department, which has many years of experience in the field. The next step, managed by the design and prototyping department within the company, makes use of Cad/Cam stations as well as 3D printers and latest generation machinery. Alongside technology, high precision craftsmanship is still carried out today thanks to years of experience in the field and manual skills handed down from generation to generation.



The Raselli Franco S.p.a. fund is made up of documentation that has been settling during the company's decades of activity. The archives have been divided into various rooms according to need: the material still used for production purposes, such as rubbers and prototypes, is placed in shelves, while the paper records have been arranged in folders. In particular, with regard to the collection of rubber molds, the large quantity has led to the identification of an entire room for their preservation. They have been realized in rubber and, in more recent years, in silicone, with special presses; they have been progressively catalogued by numbering. The series of catalogs is composed of the oldest models, in paper format, consisting of drawings or photographs and technical characteristics of the jewel. The most recent catalogs are in digital format.


The series of prototypes is conditioned in single progressively numbered envelopes and preserved in folders.


The present series are the following:

- Catalogs, 1969-2016, 8 ml

- Drawings, 1969-2016, 12 ml

- Rubber moulds, 1969-2016, 178 ml (placed in special cabinets)

- Prototypes, 1969-2016, 25 ml



W. Fochesato, R. Massola, Gioielli su carta. Ricchezze dorate fra disegni e cartoline: da Valenza all'Italia, Interlinea, Novara 2018, drawing reproduced on page 52"

Raselli Franco S.p.A. 
Zona art. orafa D2, l. 15/B
15048 Valenza (AL) 
+39 0131941817


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