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The Leo Pizzo company was established by Leonzio Pizzo on September 23, 1971 in Via Oddone with the trademark 2041 AL. Typical example of entrepreneurial reality in Valenza, this company deals with the creation, production and sale of high-level jewelry. After completing his apprenticeship at the Emanuelli e Buzio company, having then specialized in goldsmithing and craftsmanship of French fashion, Leonzio Pizzo worked as a contractor for Vendorafa, Damiani and Piero Milano between the mid-seventies and the beginning of the following decade. As an excellent designer, specialized in the "wire working" technique of precious metals, Leonzio Pizzo made his company grow rapidly, employing as of today 75 people. This firm's production has always been characterized by the research of ladies-oriented design lines, in which ample space is given to craftsmanship and to the quality of stones. Five gemologists, among whom his wife Sara (a collaborator since 1986, with experience from the F.lli Scaglione company) and his son Tancredi, select every day the gems that will then be set in their creations. Plus, the high specialization of the staff, who take care of the production of each jewel from its conception on paper (still today entrusted to Leonzio Pizzo's creativity) to its realization, allowed this firm to be recognized  internationally for the quality of its products. Leo Pizzo boasts a catalog of 27 thousand models (with related variations requested by customers), which testify to the ability to combine classic lines with the most innovative designs. The floral-themed creations (created by Leonzio at the beginning of his career), although revisited in countless variations of shapes and colors, are now the symbol of this company. Among the most famous creations are the "sfumato" (faded), "pavé" (paved) and "degradé" (ascending from downwards). The artisan tradition is now combined with technological innovation which, far from replacing the Pizzo family's decades of sectoral experience, contributes to making each object a concentrate of craftsmanship and innovation.



The archival fund consists of documentary series (administrative), iconographic series (drawings and photographs) and collections of objects (rubbers, waxes, tools). Currently, the drawings are partially sorted and preserved inside folders, while the waxes, rubbers and prototypes have been fully catalogued and photographed; they are preserved inside the laboratory, since they are still used during production. A part of the Emanuelli and Buzio company archives is also preserved, and in particular a small collection of waxes, tools and drawings, which testify to Leonzio Pizzo's activity as an apprentice from the end of the 1950s to the opening of the company. This material is not currently ordered.


The series present are:


-Drawings (second half of the 20th century)

-Waxes (second half of the 20th century)

-Rubber moulds (second half XX century)-27 thousand pieces

-Catalogues and magazines



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L. Lenti, Gioielli e gioiellieri di Valenza, Arte e storia 1825-1975, Allemandi, Turin 1994, pp. 409."

Leo Pizzo S.p.A.
Circonvallazione Ovest  lotto 14/BA
15048 Valenza (AL) 
+39 0131955102



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