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Born in Valenza in 1937, Giuseppe Picchiotti seemed destined by family tradition to the profession of pharmacist; however, at age of thirteen - in those Summer periods in which he was free from studying - he began his apprenticeship at the famous Camurati and Ubertone firm, an important educational crossroads for many excellent goldsmiths in Valenza, today closed.

After obtaining his diploma at the Professional Goldsmithery Institute, he went to London at the age of twenty to learn English. On his return, thanks to his knowledge of languages - a rare skill at the time - he was employed as a professional representative at the newly founded foreign trade subsidiary PARM, just as local jewelry was opening up to the world market. Drawing on this international experience, in 1967 he opened his own business together with his sister Annamaria, associating with his brother-in-law Mauro Marcalli for a few years starting in 1973 and using the identification mark 1952AL since then. From 1977 the offices and the production atelier of the company were moved to the now historic headquarters in Corso Garibaldi 137 in Valenza.

Over the years Giuseppe Picchiotti continued to travel across Europe and the world to buy gems and reach his customers, becoming a supplier of Tiffany & Co. In his work he was also supported by his sister Annamaria, his wife Maria Matilde and later also by his children Maria Carola, Filippo, Umberto and his niece Francesca. There are therefore seven family members involved in the business.

The Picchiotti company continues today to be mainly oriented towards the international market and is regularly present at the main fairs, such as Basel (since 1973), Las Vegas, Vicenza as well as exhibitions in the Middle and Far East. In these events, in fact, the company presents its lines of classic jewellery with a contemporary taste, to which the Caletta watch collection has recently been added. The Picchiotti company has been awarded several prizes for its appreciated production, such as the Basel Award, the Couture Design Award and the Platinum Guild Best of Show Design Award.





Most of the documentation has been sedimenting since 1967. Like other similar situations, they are kept in the working spaces, as they are still useful for production, and are well maintained. The series of rubber moulds and nickel silver models occupies a large drawer unit. The drawings, instead, are kept in folders and numbered in progressive order. Recently they have all been digitized through scans.


The main identified series are:                                                                                            


-Rubber moulds and nickel silver models, about 4000 pieces, 1967-2017. Each mold has its identification numbering and is stored in a large drawer with numbered compartments, in which there are also about 100 nickel silver models.

-Drawings, about 8000 pieces, 1967-2017. The drawings, numbered in progressive order, are conditioned in folders. They have all been recently digitized through scans

-Analogue and digital photographs, 1967-2017



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Picchiotti s.r.l. Garibaldi, 137
15048 Valenza (AL) 
+39 0131953081

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