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Alberto Vaccari (1933-2007) was from Valenza and he initially trained in Valenza as a model maker and goldsmith. This was before moving, while still very young, to Paris at the beginning of the 1950s, to learn the art of the Parisian jewellers (specialised in platinum and diamond jewellery), to broaden his knowledge of the sector and to develop an understanding of a more international taste.

He returned to Valenza enriched by this unique experience, where he worked with other craftsmen and, towards the end of the 1970s, set up the Alberto Vaccari & C.

In 1989, Alberto Vaccari and his son Manuel, ready for a new challenge, founded Ofir (with the AL3218 brand). The company was relocated to new premises in Corso Matteotti and production was totally renewed, thanks to the perfect professional and aesthetic understanding between father and son.


As a young boy, Manuel Vaccari was taught about and to appreciate haute joaillerie by his father. After high school, he decided to train “in the field” abroad (Germany), where he gained specific experience in the field of gemology and commercial sales. 

The name chosen for the company comes from the mythical region of Ofir, mentioned in the Bible: a place of fabulous wealth and abundance, particularly of gold and precious stones. 


After the death of his father in 2007, Manuel Vaccari continued his entrepreneurial career, taking care of the creative, production and commercial aspects of the business: each creation is meticulously supervised at every stage of its creation, from the choice and purchase of the stones, to the work of the modeller, goldsmith and setter; from the first contact with the customer to the final delivery.


His classic creations, though always with a modern edge and references to the world of design, are firmly rooted in the tradition of the highest Valenzan craftsmanship, thanks to the skill of his craftsmen. These collections are accompanied by others, always conceived and curated personally by Manuel Vaccari, the result of constant interaction with the owners of the boutiques and their customers, of the inspiration of the moment and a passion for aesthetics innate and elegance.


Ofir's reference market has always been international: Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, France and Spain. Since the turn of the century, the market has expanded to North America, the Arab countries and part of Asia.

The company takes part in the main international trade fairs: Basel (where the company's founder Alberto Vaccari was already present in the 1970s), Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Seoul.

OFIR srl G. Matteotti, 59 
15048 Valenza (AL) 
+39 0131943200


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