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In 1947 Fernando Novarese (1919-1977) and Pietro Sannazzaro (1906-1977) established their company in via Mazzini 24, using the trademark 320 AL since then.

Since the 1950s, Novarese & Sannazzaro have attended both national fairs, such as those in Vicenza and Milan, and international events (currently the Dubai fair).

In 1964 they moved to Viale Dante 10.

At the end of the seventies Franco Novarese, Fernando's son and already present in the company for some time, became the sole owner. In the eighties the company specialized in production processes employing modern machinery. Since the 2000s the company has been oriented towards commercializing fancy, colorful and fashionable objects, with the use of enamels and semi-precious stones, also combined with diamonds.  Since 2006 Enrico Novarese, Franco's son, has been running the company. In 2015 the brand "Novarese Gioielli" was born, with a more synthetic and more effective commercial name, destined in particular to the international market.  Currently the firm is based in Via Trento 7.



Over the years, a number of operations have been carried out to discard documentation that have reduced the historical material accumulated by the company to a container of photographs (dating back to around the sixties) and some small-scale technical catalogs, presumably dating back to the first years of the company's existence.


It preserves material related to the current activity of the company, in both paper and digital format.



L. Lenti, Gioielli e gioiellieri di Valenza, Arte e storia 1825-1975, Allemandi, Turin 1994, pp. Descriptive item on p. 424, images n. 128, 238, 670."

Novarese & Sannazzaro s.a.s. 

Via Trento, 7 
15048 Valenza (AL) 
+39 0131941150


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