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In 1926 Carlo Montaldi, Terenzio Montaldi and Elio Terzano founded their company (trademark72 AL). The headquarters were in Via Lega Lombarda 5, where it remained until 1959, when it was moved to Viale Santuario 23, where it is still located today. In 1929 Elio Terzano resigned from the company, leaving his place to Pietro Ubertone, who in turn separated from the Montaldi brothers in 1940. During the war the company had to stop the production of jewelry because of the prohibition to work gold, while continuing the production of silver objects. After the end of the conflict, the company resumed the production of medium- and high-end jewelry, using the new trademark 200 AL, which is the one currently in use. The participation at the Milan Trade Fair guaranteed the company a rapid expansion on the international market, and in particular to some South American countries, such as Venezuela and Colombia. Since the beginning of production the firm could boast a great number of models and lines, designed according to a classic, essential and elegant style.

The offer was very varied: the specialization in the production of solitaires was typical of the sixties, but also items such as the famous gold filigree bags were produced.

Carlo Montaldi, involved in the company until the end of the Seventies, personally took care of the choice of the gems, administration and book-keeping aspects.

Terenzio Montaldi, involved in the company until the end of the seventies, was mainly responsible for commercial relations with the internal market.

In 1961 Carlo's sons, Danilo and Roberto Montaldi, began working in the company, the former with commercial assignments on the Italian market and the latter with administrative, book-keeping tasks and dealing with foreign clients.

In 1993 Michele Montaldi, Danilo's son, joined the company. He currently holds the position of President and deals both with marketing and CAD modeling.



The Montaldi Carlo fund collects the documentation produced by the company of the same name from the 1930s to the present day. The material, well conditioned and partly inventoried, has been divided into several typological series. Of particular note:

Production catalogs from the '30s (about 6); Samples including ATA carnet for foreign marketing (15); Technical data sheets (from the '60s, kept in 40 drawers, for a total of about 8 linear meters); Rubber moulds (90s-2000, numbered and catalogued; about 200).

There is no consultation tool.



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Montaldi Carlo s.r.l.
Via Trotti, 110 
15048 Valenza (AL) 
+39 0131941273


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