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CARLO LENTI: Goldsmith - Photographer


Pictures by Carlo Lenti


Carlo Lenti is a gold entrepreneur born in Bassignana in 1938, he lives in Mugarone on a hill in front of the (great) river Po. For fifteen years he was a photographer for Ferrari Club Italia , he showed his works in photographic exhibitions in Italy, he published several photographic books, among them “Una vita sul Po”, written with Bruno Gambarotta and “Arteinfoto percorsi fotografici di Carlo Lenti”. He is world champion of model aircraft and he flies on tourism planes dated 1956.


“It’s not easy to take a picture of what we know very well, what we see every day.

Everyday things don’t seduce, they are hidden to the eye.

For fifty years Carlo Lenti was a goldsmith. For fifty years, almost every day, he entered  his workshop and he laid a hand on the creation of a new jewel.

Because in Valenza the jewels are made by hands .


For fifty years Carlo  cultivated the passion for photography, combined with a high technical competence , he photographed especially his other passions such as Ferrari and the River Po, organizing exhibitions and publishing books.


All of a sudden Carlo wanted to try to do what only a photographer with hands  dirty  of gold could do: to disclose the goldsmith world. He did it using  classical white and black ,adding, just to be a goldsmith, some gold leaves representing hands, tools, precious stones, men and women, looked at closely, with respect and love. A world that has already been replaced by machineries somewhere else but not here.


In Valenza we still have gold hands.”


(Riccardo Massola, Gold Hands, Pictures by Carlo Lenti, from Valenza and the art of jewels, 2015, Sardigliano, Nuvole)

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