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Mario Garavelli (1890-1978) began his activity in 1912 in partnership with his brother-in-law Silvio Cassola, starting the "Garavelli e Cassola". In 1943 Aldo Garavelli, Mario's son, obtained the trademark 237AL, which he used together with his brother Luigi, involved in manufacturing. In 1958 Aldo, who was involved in the sales side of the company founded, together with Pietro Annaratone and Ottavio Molina, the GAM sales company (from the first letters of the three founding companies), intended for export, which remained active until 1972. Thanks to this initiative and participation in the Milan Trade Fair in the 60s and 70s, the Garavelli company became a leader in the sale of jewellery on the US and South American markets. The US market, together with Japan, is still one of the main sales channels for Garavelli's creations today.


The 60s were characterized by the production of gold jewels, enamels and diamonds. Aldo's daughter, Kira, and her husband Gian Carlo Molina, gave further impetus to the use of diamonds, personally choosing the stones and designing their new creations.


In 1990 the company took part in the initiative in support of research on multiple sclerosis entitled "A jewel for life", with the creation of a precious object based on a drawing by Sophia Loren.


Since the 90s Stefano and Elisabetta Molina, Gian Carlo and Kira's sons, have been working in the company. Innovative design jewellery has therefore been developed by Luca Valerani, Elisabetta's husband. These new collections are flanked by the classic and elegant style creations that have always made the Garavelli brand famous throughout the world. The former first lady Michelle Obama also appreciated this style, who on several occasions wore a brooch of diamonds produced by the Garavelli company.



The Garavelli srl fund collects the documentation produced by the company having the same name from the sixties until today. The material, suitably conditioned and catalogued, has been divided into a number of typological series.


In particular, the following series are preserved:

Photographs of the objects (from the '60s to about 2000);

Advertising (from the '60s to about 2000);

Technical catalogues (from the '60s; 2 linear metres; after 2000 the technical data and reproductions of the objects can be found in the digital archive);

Drawings (s.d.; 10 folders); Rubbers (about 6000; from 2000);

Waxes (s.d.);

Prototypes in vile metal (s.d.).


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Official website of the company

URL: (Michelle Obama's pin)

URL: (Michelle Obama's pin)

Garavelli srl
Via Dante, 24
 Valenza (AL)

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