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Crivelli was founded in the ‘70s in Valenza, by Bruno Crivelli and Gabriele Bisio with the legal identification mark “AL 3130”. Towards the end of the ‘80s, Bisio left the Company and, while continuing work in the company (where he still works), he left the leadership of the company to Bruno Crivelli.  

The first headquarters is in Via Martiri di Cefalonia, then it will be moved to Viale Dante, the current headquarters, which has gradually expanded, becoming the "historic" headquarters of the company.

Bruno Crivelli, known as expert mounter, begins to make his own productions and to represent himself traveling throughout Italy, thus transforming the skills and abilities gained in the world of precious craftsmanship into entrepreneurial activity.

In 1980 Bruno Crivelli created his first collection made of only 40 pieces and characterized by the excellent quality of execution, where the classical style is interpreted with absolutely contemporary proportions and combinations. 

Over time, awareness of the corporate identity grows, confirmed by the continuous demand from end customers and the recognition of the jewels created by Crivelli. Together with the corporate identity borns the idea of creating a brand with the name that represents of the extension of Bruno Crivelli history.

With the expansion of the company, over the years the company increases the number of employees and becomes more and more organized while maintaining the family model as its approach. The founder Bruno Crivelli, the creative mind and director of the company, passed on his passion for this world to his daughter Alessia, today the marketing manager of the brand. 

The production is carried out in part in the company - especially the more peculiar creations, in which the final touch of Bruno Crivelli is essential – in part by external suppliers.  

 Crivelli is recognizable for the quality craftsmanship, the preciousness of stones and fine metals in concert, original setting designs all composed with a high level of creativity, without sacrificing the extreme refinements.

This rigour choice is continuosly being rewarded with a success. This has consented the company to become one of the most esteemed on the Italian and international scenes. 

Crivelli produces jewellery in limited edition as well as unique pieces of extraordinary high quality. The coherency to the concept of jewellery in its most mature meaning is reconfirmed in all its creations, with particular attention to achieving a refine elegance. The strength of its approach becomes the ability to revise the classical style in several ways. 

Among the most representative collections are: Easy, I will. I do and Like, the latter identifying the Maison coming from the rework and the different declinations of the letter "C" (initial of Crivelli) connecting design, glamour and style with the values of the Company.  

Since the early 2000s, Crivelli has further invested in the brand and its image: collaboration with advertising agencies, targeted communication on sector magazines, the choice of some testimonials (such as Antonella Clerici and Micaela Ramazzotti) and partecipation in international events (such as the Venice International Film Festival and the Rome Film Festival) bring great notoriety to the jewellery of the company from Valenza. In particular is to remind the collaboration with the photographer Fabrizio Ferri, who manages to transfer at the best the company values into his photographic campaigns. 

Since its foundation Crivelli has partecipated in the most important national and internatiola fair trades, such as Valenza, Vicenza, Basilea, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Bahrein and Il Tarì in Marcianise (Caserta) where the Company has its own office. 

Crivelli boasts a dense commercial network with retailers in Italy and abroad, with some brand stores: one in Milan (in Via della Spiga) directly managed by the company and three others in Capri, Taormina and Porto Cervo in partnership. 


Crivelli Srl

Viale Dante, 24
15048 Valenza (AL) 

+39 0131945296

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