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Saverio Cavalli, born in Valenza, completed his apprenticeship in the sound Valenza goldsmithing tradition and in 1951 registered the 464 AL trademark. Cavalli participated in painting competitions obtaining prizes and awards (Turin Prize "Arte italiana oggi", 1947; Quadriennale d'Arte, Rome 1948; National painting competition "Premio Siena", Siena 1949). In 1954 he was invited to the 10th Milan Triennale with his work in yellow gold and river stone, Anello (No. 91), a heartfelt contribution by Cavalli to bind the experience of pictorial abstractionism to his high goldsmith's craftsmanship. In 1957 he was invited to the 11th edition of the Triennale where he exhibited in the Gold Section, curated by the brothers Arnaldo and Giò Pomodoro, a pair of earrings in gold threads and amethysts with a gold spiral brooch with emeralds. For the same edition he created jewels designed by Gianni Dova. In those years Cavalli applied ancient and complex goldsmith techniques to his abstract style jewellery: the champlevé and cloisonné enamel (N. 22) and the Etruscan granulation (N. 96). In 1959 he received the first prize at the 23rd International Artisan Exhibition in Florence. In 1962 he was at the Mostra selettiva d'Arte orafa moderna in Vicenza and in Paris, at the Istitut Italien, with the Exposition Bijoux italiens. Since 1968 at the First Biennale of Jewellery Art in Carrara his works (N.218 and N.342) follow a structural approach: Cavalli allows the choice of materials (wood, glass, semi-precious stones) to be guided by chance, and the objet trouvé is pure aesthetic enjoyment. In 1973 he was invited for the third time to the Milan Triennale (15th edition), the historical exhibition of the Fiftieth Anniversary; the Bergamini Gallery dedicated a monographic exhibition to him which also includes the ovoid rings ''Omaggio a Fontana'' ('Homage to Fontana') in yellow gold (N. 451, N. 455, N. 456), dedicated to his friend and master. Since 1974 Cavalli has been processing poor materials (nickel silver, aluminium) and plastics (perspex, methacrylate), seldom precious materials, exhibited in 1979 by Galleria Ada Zunino. In 1980 he was invited to Manualità ("Manuality") - City of craftsmanship (Faenza, Gubbio, Valenza, Venice, Volterra). In 1984 he was invited to Disegnare l'oro ("Drawing gold") - Images for a jewel (Castello di Sartirana - Pavia) with Fausto Melotti, Arnaldo Pomodoro, and Mauro Staccioli. In 1996 the Municipality and the Associazione Orafa Valenzana organized his anthological exhibition (Sala Luigi Illario - Villa Scalcabarozzi). In the same year he participated in the historical exhibition at Aus Italien für die Welt. 100 Jahre Schmuck aus Valenza (Exhibition Palace, Leipzig).


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