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The company was founded in 1976 by Roberto Zavanone and Flaviano Callegher (Zavanone Callegher snc until 2006); Flaviano Callegher then took over the entire company in 2006, and still runs it today. Flaviano was self-taught, he started working as an apprentice at Arzani Salvatore srl, working in particular as a gem-setter. When he was 24 years old, he and his partner Zavanone (goldsmith and model maker) founded the company. Flaviano personally chose and set the stones. At that time they mainly produced jewellery in yellow gold with a new 'beaten' process still carried out today, a true hallmark of the company. Thanks to this innovation, compared to the more classic 'on the tips' processing in white gold, and the constant attention paid to the choice and processing of precious stones, the company has always excelled in the national and international jewellery scene. The designs of its creations have remained the traditional styles of Valenza's heritage, even if the production has undergone significant technological developments; rubber is no longer used, but rather computer renderings and resins that can be directly grounded.


Today the company has more than 30 people involved in the production and distribution of the products. The production was exclusively commissioned by other companies and still goes on as such. At first the design lines were diverse, but today they are calibrated according to the customer's needs. The market is today mainly made up of Italian companies (80%).


In 1996 DI.GO srl was born, which promotes the brand Valentina Callegher with an exclusive product, exported internationally through trade fairs.


In 2013 Flaviano Callegher was awarded the S. Eligio prize.




The many materials showing the company's activities have been accumulating since its foundation into the late seventies. They include catalogue cards with technical details for the production of about 10,000 models (hard copies until the end of the Nineties, most of them digital); photographs of the products (Eighties-2000); rubbers; press review (like Di.Go); drawings (numbered; hard copies and digital).


The following series are particularly noteworthy:

-technical cards and catalogues: about ten. Today digital cards that integrate the previous ones.

-collection of rubber moulds, over 8500 numbered models

-photographs (paper from the 1980s and 1990s; digital reproductions of all models from 2000)

-drawings, paper and digital



Lia Lenti, Gioielli e gioiellieri di Valenza, Arte e storia 1825-1975, Allemandi, Turin 1994, Descriptive voice.

Callegher s.r.l.
Via Oddone, 7
15048 Valenza (AL) 
+39 0131924446

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