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The company was founded in 1960 as "Buzio Luciano e C.", with trademark 1063AL, by Luciano Buzio, Luigi Stefanutto and Giuseppe Prevignano. The three young associates had been partners in other companies and had then decided to set up their own business with equal shares. The headquarters of the workshop was located in Via Carducci, in downtown Valenza. At first the company worked on contract production for other Valenza established companies, such as Moraglione and Illario, and reinvested their profits in purchasing the precious raw materials which were necessary for the activity. The company was thus consolidated and began to offer its products directly, participating in trade fairs at an early stage and dedicating itself to the Italian and international markets. For this reason, already in 1967 Luciano Buzio went on his first business trip to the US, which became a very important commercial area in the history of this company.

After a period spent in Largo Costituzione della Repubblica, in 1986 the company moved to its current location, at the artisan area dedicated to goldsmithing companies that was then built on the outskirts of the town, the "Coinor".


In 2000 the new name "Buzio Luciano s.r.l." was adopted, replacing the former company name of Buzio Luciano s.n.c., adopted in 1969.  


Around 2010 the three founders retired, leaving space for their heirs: Cristina and Ivano Buzio for sales and administration, Roberto Prevignano for production and Daniele Francescato (Stefanutto's son-in-law) for modelling.


The company was thus represented at the Vicenza Fair since the sixties. The company gradually increased its participation in exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, Basel, Hong Kong and Tokyo, and at a certain point in time it was present at eleven different events a year.


Currently the reference market is mainly the European one, where this company distributes jewellery in a sober and classic style, according to the typical tradition of Valenza.




The company kept a great deal of material worthy of consideration, despite location shifts and the usual dispersion due to relocations. First of all, the fundamental manufacturing registers and technical data sheets of the models (about 15,000) have been preserved, first on paper then digital, compiled since 1960 and closely linked to the production and commercial activity. Digitisation was also early: "Buzio Luciano" was one of the very first Valencian goldsmith companies to use computers for their administration. 


Thousands are the photos and drawings of objects (starting from 1960), about 5000 are the rubber moulds, while the nickel silver models can still be estimated in thousands of pieces.




W. Fochesato, R. Massola, Gioielli su carta. Ricchezze dorate fra disegni e cartoline: da Valenza all'Italia, Interlinea, Novara 2018, drawing reproduced on page 57.

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Buzio Luciano s.r.l.
Circonvallazione Ovest, Coinor, 4A
15048 Valenza (AL) 
+39 0131943418  

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