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“Barzizza & C. srl” (trademark 3494 AL) was founded in 1996 after the experiences of the 1969-founded “Barzizza, Capra and Ponzone” company (with trademark 869 AL) and the “Barzizza and Capra” - originally founded in 1958.

Protagonist of all these stories was the goldsmith Giuseppe Barzizza (1933-2009), who trained from 1947 with Lenti-Rana and Molina, Pessina Dionigi, Ugo Mensi and Giovanni Tagliacarne.

In 1958 Barzizza, in partnership with Aurelio Capra (born in 1934, and also working with Ugo Mensi and Piacentini Carlo) founded the company Barzizza and Capra and, at the beginning, its headquarter was established in via Solferino; it was then moved to corso Garibaldi and, in 1968, to via Volta. The company started contract manufacturing jewellery for other brands in Valenza, but in 1961 they began producing finished jewels to be offered to italian and european retail market. During the years of international expansion the company collaborated with the Parisian designer Gassier.

In 1969 Gian Piero Ponzone (1935-2015) associated with the other two founders and so the “Barzizza, Capra and Ponzone” company was established. Gian Piero Ponzone was a maker of models who had been trained by his father at Camurati and Ubertone firm.

In 1990 the company took part in a charity event “Un gioiello per la vita” organized to raise funds for research against multiple sclerosis. The firm participated at the manifestation making a jewel designed by the Nobel Prize Rita Levi Montalcini.

The “Barzizza & C.” company was finally established in 1996 with Giuseppe Barzizza as its leader. Giuseppe’s son Mauro, succeeded him at the head of the company after his death.

The factory is still working on Italian, European and International markets offering a wide range of bracelets, necklaces, broaches, earrings, rings and cufflinks made both in gold and platinum with fine gems.




Barzizza archive preserves documents dating back to around 1970; earlier material was not preserved: unused material was discarded, unfortunately. This loss is compensated by the presence of the complete series of technical catalogues, starting from the model/type number 1 dated 1958. A portion of older documentation is stored in an external warehouse.

The main series identified are:

Technical catalogues, 25 records, 1958-2016

Drawings, 30 boxes, around 1960-2016

Gum/rubber moulds, around 2500 pieces, around 1970-2016

Plaster models, around 50 pieces, from the beginning of the ‘60s to the end of the ‘90s

Photographs, 25 folders (plus digital pictures), around 1970-2016

Promotional material (brochures, large pictures on panel), around 1970-2016

Management, employee and accounting material, around 1970-2016




L. Lenti, Gioielli e gioiellieri di Valenza, Arte e storia 1825-1975, Allemandi, Turin 1994, description on page 400, tables XXII e illustration on pages 237, 752

W. Fochesato, R. Massola, Gioielli su carta. Ricchezze dorate fra disegni e cartoline: da Valenza all’Italia, Interlinea, Novara 2018, drawing print on page 8

Barzizza & C. s.r.l.
Via G. Galilei 16
15048 Valenza (AL) 
+39 0131920018

Giuseppe Barzizza

Il Piccolo, 6 settembre 1958

Notiziario commerciale - Iscrizioni nuove ditte in Valenza (luglio 1958).

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